Our Little Nursery (or part of it, anyway)

Chiltepin Seedlings in Pots

Chiltepin mini-nursery

These are seedlings that we recently separated out into individual pots.  We have chiltepin plants at every stage of growth, from small seedlings to full grown shrubs covered in peppers.

Above is a sample of our medium sized potted plants………….

Full Grown Shrubs

Full Grown Shrubs

And here we have a sample of our full sized plants.  Look closely and you will see an abundance of green peppers, especially at the tops of each plant.  We have about 200 potted plants at various stages, and we have well over 100 chiltepin shrubs integrated into our landscape.

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2 Responses to Our Little Nursery (or part of it, anyway)

  1. Jack Modesett says:

    Do you have chilitipin plants for sale? I am desperate! Thank you.

    • Jacqui says:

      I wish I had some to give away. I have planted everything in the ground. It looks like there is a business opportunity for me!! Thanks!

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