Making Lemonade

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A few days ago, we had a pretty bad hailstorm in our area.  Aside from disturbing peaceful sleep and sweet dreams, the hail shredded our neighborhood trees, blew a few over, damaged roofs, and churned up my veggie and herb garden. Bah!  Happily, the apple and pear trees still have most of the immature fruit still hanging on, so there’s a bit of good news.  Below however is my newly decorated green driveway. It’s a little more devastating in person – not the best photographer.  Anyhow – what to do….what to do. No problem. When life hands you lemons……

Fresh green tree leaves are a rich nitrogen source if shredded immediately, so all that fell into the lawn were mowed in right away to feed the grass and the soil microbes as they break down.  As for those in the driveway, I got out the blower and blew them into little piles and wheeled them to some weedy spots to smother and mulch.  A thick mulch of any type of decomposable material is the best solution to smothering annual weeds. As long as you don’t till or dig into that area, the weeds and their seeds will be smothered for life.  And the soil will become richer and richer as those leaves and twigs decompose. By the way, my blower/vac and my mower are my best friends.  So much easier than raking and raking.  Especially on larger properties

My son and I took a hike this afternoon as part of his summer heat conditioning for sports (don’t know why I had to add the extra details, but if you know that I live in Texas, I didn’t want you to think I was crazy, or an abusive parent!!), and house after house, there were piles and piles of black trashbags filled with the very same product – raked up leaves and twigs.  What?!!!!  Nightmare!  And at our town hall parking lot is a dumpster already loaded to the brim with more bags.  What a rich resource for each homeowner to use right on the spot!  But no.  They rake it up, bag it up and expect the waste management company to modify its trucking schedules and logistics to send in more vehicles to haul it off to lord knows where.  I sure hope it’s not the landfill!  Gee, golly….I guess that’s what we pay them for.  Talk about a waste of resources.  And then in a week or so, these lawns in their sterile environment will be burning up in the July heat, so the very same people will dash out to the big box store…and buy bagged water soluble high nitrogen fertilizer…and water the lawn to death, wasting more resources…when instead, the nurturing leaf matter from the trees right above their heads could have been cooling and feeding the grass below, for free!  Again, BAH! Well, let’s try to find a bright side to the ‘old school process’, if there is one.  Potentially, I suppose, these homeowners burned off a few of their burgers and fried chicken sandwiches from lunch while they were doing all that raking and bagging!  Now there’s a good thought!

Hmmm…….free bagged leaves by the roadside?  I think the Leaf Bandit will be lurking tonight…… :)

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2 Responses to Making Lemonade

  1. Diane says:

    Hee hee. I love guerrilla organics! And I love all those people who do all that work for me.

    • Jacqui says:

      Hey Diane! I agree! Guess what – it is all still out there for the picking. Feel free to drive around and pick up a few bags, spread the leaves all over, and mow them into your lawn! And add a little dry molasses over the top to help them break down a bit quicker – or any sugar, but dry molasses is the best. But you probably know that already! :)

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