Germination Aggravation @$%#$@%#%!!!

Note to Readers:  I originally started this post on May 5th.  Spring has been busy crazy, and there has been no time to get back to my blog.  I thought I had posted this one, but I guess I didn’t!!  Soon there will be an update to this one, as  the little seedlings have been transplanted to their own individual pots…..stay tuned…..PS – blogging is more time consuming than I realized!!  :)   Well, here goes again…..

Some People have all the Luck. Aaargh.  HE, who will Not be Named, decided to throw down a handful of seeds in a “home-made” potting soil, which was a combination of sifted soil from our veggie garden mixed with the potting soil that I have previously been using.  As you can see in the photo below on the left, he had almost a hundred percent germination!  To the right is the pot that I had started in January, that only sprouted about 5 little seedlings.  HE started HIS about a month ago when he got tired of waiting on my experiments to succeed.  Science, Schmience.  I give up!!!!  (but I’m grateful for the new crop.  Shhh….don’t tell HIM!)

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