Gee whiz, it’s so true – a watched pot never boils (Man, I’m getting good with the cliche’s these days.)  I started these seed experiments on January 19th, and here it is almost two months later.  People have asked how the progress is going, and so far it is pretty disappointing.  Here is a photo I took just an hour ago:

The left pot is the control group planted in commercial potting soil, the center is seeds planted in coconut fiber, and the right is the seeds that I soaked in a vinegar solution in order to break up the seed-coat.  I cut off most of that in the photo because there is nothing to see.  The control group is progressing the best so far.  Even though there are probably a hundred or so seeds in there, only a handful have germinated.  In the middle pot with the coconut fiber, there are only two struggling seedlings, that sprouted a couple of weeks ago, but they are not thriving – they haven’t even shed the seed-coat.  Check it out. Pretty sad.

I didn’t want to apply any liquid fertilizer until I had a larger group germinating, but it seems as these seedlings are starved for some type of nutrient, if they cannot even shed their seed coat for two weeks.

It might be time to go back to square one and try a few different things.  But literature has shown that it might take up to 100 days to germinate chiltepin, so it is not really time to give up on this batch.  In the past years, we threw tepin seeds in a pot and went along with our business.  Life is busy and fast-paced, and we never really counted the days until they sprouted, although we knew it did seem like a long time.  But thankfully we never watched the pot, and it finally boiled.  A watched pot never boils.  I hope these pots will eventually…….

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3 Responses to Germination…..anticipation?

  1. Rob says:


    I have been searching for chiltepin plants for quite some time with no luck. I live in the Houston area, have visited may nursuries and nobody has every heard of them. Any suggestions where I might find a supply of plants in my area? Thanks

    • Jacqui says:

      Hi Rob, thank you for finding my website! You are right – it is truly difficult to find Chiltepin plants. I am considering experimenting with shipping “live” plants. If you, or anyone out there would like to be my guinea pigs in this endeavor please comment or reply, and I will email you and we can make arrangements. I don’t expect to charge for the plants since the process isn’t tried and true, but it would be nice to have my shipping costs reimbursed. Thanks again for your interest!

    • Joe Segura says:

      Tea’s nursery at one time had them but then again no tea’s.
      If you go your local Fiesta Store in the spice section, you can find them in a package with about a 100 peppers. Just break the pepper and spread the seeds on a growing medium cover with about 1/2 inch of soil, keep moist and most important-warm. Not in full sun. They should germinate in about 10 days or less..

      Good Luck

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