Being Selfish – Part III

Note to Reader: The more I read this post, the more I think that it is an extremely sophomoric piece of writing, as if I was trying to make a good grade in my high school english class.  But I still like the analogy, and I hope it communicates how I feel about changing from conventional methods to organic methods.  Here goes….

Converting to Organics was akin to a metamorphosis for our family.  We used to be creeping caterpillars, trudging from one big box store to the next, purchasing the highly marketed weed and feed, weedkiller, and fungicide products that were “guaranteed” to give us the most beautiful lawn and garden imaginable.  When our daughter was born and we became apprehensive about exposing this fragile life to such harsh chemicals, our enthusiasm for the yard and garden was squelched.  We formed a cocoon of inactivity as we waited for our yard to rid itself of toxins.  For a long period of time we had many questions, and no answers.  Slowly……slowly, new gardening methods were discovered and a new education began, and the results were beautiful.  Our family and lifestyle emerged from the cocoon anew, like a butterfly.  Each year our gardens soar higher and higher – they only get better, tastier, more beautiful and more successful as they are fortified with compost,  natural fertilizers and other forms of organic matter.  Being selfish can sometimes be good. :)

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One Response to Being Selfish – Part III

  1. Diane says:

    A caterpillar would have died crawling through those aisles of toxicity!

    Still waiting to hear about the final results of the germination experiments….

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