Germination Frustration

It has been almost a month since planting the tepin seeds.  The control group was planted on January 19th. The other two experiments were planted on the next two successive days.  The control group of seeds on the far left is planted in regular potting soil that you can get from the big box stores (not organic).  I am trying to get away from using this super convenient and inexpensive product, since being 100% organic is my goal.  The second tray is tepin seeds planted in pure coconut fiber.  It is light and fluffy and resembles peat, but it is not anti-microbial.  I had hoped this aspect of the coconut fiber would increase the germination speed.  The third tray is tepin seeds that i soaked in a 50/50 vinegar mixture.  I had thought maybe a mild acid solution would help to break down the seedcoat and help the seeds to sprout faster.  Thus far, I have had only two sprouts.  They sprouted in the Control Group tray.  The first on February 10th, and the second on February 11th.  That is 22 and 23 days from planting.

To the left are the two seedlings.  This morning I observed a sprout breaking through the soil in the tray that is using coconut fiber.

So far, my experiments are inconclusive.  It appears that the control group is winning, but the first two sprouts could be an anomaly.  I’m waiting for a larger flush of sprouting, which is typically what happens when the tepin seeds germinate.

The only other thing that I observed that may affect the germination rate is the moisture level.  I believe that I allowed the control group to dry out a bit more than the other two trays.  It might be necessary for the seeds to go through several cycles of being moist and then dry out.  This is something that I have observed in the past by happenstance.  Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and will keep you posted!

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